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Chicago Push Race Recap – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles October 21, 2011

Got a little recap on some push racers out in Illinois for ya’ll today.  Scott Kamins has the following to relate about the stoke that got thrown down the other weekend, let’s listen in…

“Our event went great! The weather was rough during the first competition do to a lot of rain on and off all morning. We got through all our qualifying runs with quite a few falls but over all every one was having a good time. Our final race was a very intense dash to the finish in which every one fell at one point but the fastest man definitely won. We had to cancel our pump competition because no one could pump up speed with out slipping out and eating it. So we skipped to the Slide Comp. and pizza hand out. The pizza was great and the sliding was a bit patchy but dried up as it went. We voted for the best 2 sliders and had a slide off. One was a longboarder and one was more of a tech slider. Do to the tech Slider falling the longboarder took the win. We handed out prizes and it was time to hit the freeride section of the event! We all drove to the high school where we where met up by a large group of new people while we still had quite a few people from the beginning. The rest of the day we spent free riding the hill and some one brought a mini ramp which made things that much more interesting. The free ride lasted about 5-6 hours and everybody had a great time from the experienced sliders to those who where just learning.”

We’ll have some more video of the event once it gets organized and edited so stay tuned!


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