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Coast -2- Coast Domination! – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Rob Rodrigues October 23, 2012

It seemed like the whole world was anticipating NYC’s Broadway Bomb this past weekend. With all of the media coverage on the race’s mandated cancellation and mounting tension between police and skaters arriving in NYC from all over the world, it was easy to forget that there where major events happening in several places. Click here for more details, photos and Push Culture’s video coverage of the Broadway Bomb Weekend. Check out some of the broader Bustin weekend highlights below.

Kiefer finish line

2011 Broadway Bomb Winner – Kiefer Dixon was The first person to skate from uptown down past the Charging Bull and police in lower Manhattan on Saturday.

Until that point, no one knew what would happen as people arrived. The police let everyone skate by without incident.


Blue sky Mile Challenge

Cami Best, Rob Rodrigues, Steven Sanchez & Kiefer Dixon

The Bustin team dominated the top spots at the Friday night Blue Sky Mile Challenge held in Liberty State park. Cami Best took first place in the women’s division. Steven Sanchez took first place in the open division. Sanchez beat Marc Juvinall’s existing one mile sprint push skateboard record of 3:46 and set the new world record with a time of 3:35. Kiefer Dixon took 3rd place for the night and Jeff Vyain, 4th place.


Andrei Hippix

3,000 miles away, in San Diego, Bustin team rider Andrei Hippix won the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon.

Andre Hippix, who recently finished skating from Bustin Brooklyn all the way to the Adrenalina shop in La Jolla, California. Won the 26.2 mile Adrenalina race with a time of 1:37.17. Also, New York city Longboard family member, Sasha Popper, who completed his cross country skate last month, took 5th in San Diego. Congratulations to both of these amazingly strong and determined people.


Dejaune Jones

Meanwhile, somewhere in Ohio. Bustin Wheels rider, Dejaune Jones was holding it down with his blue Royce wheels at the Soldiers of Downhill race. I’m happy to see Dejaune get a chance to travel. He’s a very hard working skater.


Jonas Richter

Jonas skating in Peyragudes France earlier this year. Photo; Diafragma

Jonas Richter was busy taking second place in the Junior’s division in San Luis, Argentina at the IGSA Snake Skeleton Downhill.


Steven Vera

I need a nickname for this young Bustin ripper. Steven Vera has been winning freestyle events all year. Another first place in the Best Line Competition at the Sector 9 BBQ.


Sol & Ryan

Sector 9 managed the permit for the Broadway Bomb after BBQ. Bustin’s Ryan Daughtridge and Solomon Lang provided the prizes for the contests.


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Bailey Grantham October 24, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Gecko, he moves quickly and precisely, and it seems as though he has complete control over the way he moves the board with his feet, like suction cups.
Second suggestion, Basilisk, because he tricks and moves he does seem impossible, like walking on water like the Basilisk lizard.
I have a thing for lizards…

Marc October 26, 2012 at 1:16 pm

Steve should me named after his signature bustin board…
Steve “The Maestro” Vera

Nate October 28, 2012 at 7:08 pm

nickname…. If he’s smooth call him aloe – Vera

mykael gampon January 9, 2013 at 10:03 pm

hey ive watched alot of bustin board videos including steve vera’s beatstick boombox video on youtube and i have a great suggestion.. what about steve ”freestyle kid” vera?

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