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Community Activity: Grime Goons The 2017 Edit

written by Josh Dunn January 24, 2018

The skateboarding community is filled with radical revolutionaries, incredible imaginations, and amazing artists who more often then not are expressing them selves in the creative constructs that only they could manage. We often times come across events, videos, or just other gnarly productions done by some of our fellow skate rats that we will now we sharing with you to help you in the know as it pertains to  the Community Activity!

To kick things off, some of our homies down in Austin, Texas have pieced together an edit of all the hill rat $#!% that they managed to accomplish in this last years past. Its all about the adventure along the way for these homies so tag along with the Grime Goons as they mob some of the best spots The Lone Star State has to offer as well as a couple other choice offerings from around the hood.

The Grime Goons are supported by their local shop, Insanity Boardshop so if you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop in and say whats up to these guys!


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