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written by Josh Dunn May 23, 2017

“Skate Everything” is not just an all inclusive vibe but rather a lifestyle for those who really subscribe to the underlying message found within the phrase. Our forefathers have devoted their entire lives to the rewardless pursuit of skating what ever they can put their four wheels on all the while never once trying to categorize what they were doing. They were way to busy steady bullin’ down the SoCal streets to catch the morning surf session before pushing down the street after the wind kicked up to poach an empty backyard pool. In this same spirit, #TeamBustin had us a true Skate Everything weekend as we rallied some of the Street Crew at Truxton Skate Park in Annapolis Maryland on Saturday to skate with the homies from Pure Board Shop and then followed it up with a downhill race and slide jam hosted by Faceplant Board Riders and Mark Nicolas down in D.C. on Sunday.

Although new to the Bustin Fam, there is nothing new to “Subway” about this dialed in lofty front heelflip. Photo: Joshtafari


For the Skate Demo on Saturday we gathered some of our local DelMarVA crew as well as Jacsen Kutik who mobbed down all the way from upstate NY to skate with us for the weekend. The park, although admittadly small had all of the right features to still  make it an absolute rip. The session stretched on for hours as all the homies were feeding off the energy of all the tricks that were being thrown down from everyone who came out.

Warehouse Manager Bruce Layne knows his nose. Photo: Joshtafari

Tyten Washington keeping the line of symmetry clean as clean as his frontside flip. Photo: Joshtafari


On Sunday the Bustin-mobile was packed full of more skate rats who were looking to get slideways at the event double down found at Skate D.C. Day which featured a downhill race as well as a radical slide jam.  The race course was held on a super fun little run situated on a closed road making it possible to stay safe before, during, and after any meetings pertaining to the topic. From first timers all the way to OG scene supporters, the entire spectrum was represented and everyone was able to push their limits of how much fun they could handle.

Matt K. taking the inside line on his Yoface35 as he edges out his Bustin Teammate Dan Fontz. Photo: Nick Pappas

Bustin Boards resident “Grom Phenom” Jacsen took his first downhill runs with a style and grace like he’d been doing it all along. Photo: Matt K.

After the race everyone rallied back in the van and rolled over to a classic spot situated directed adjacent to the Czech Embassy which has hosted many a slide jam in the past and we thankfully were able to continue the good luck streak and  successfully poach some runs this past Sunday. No matter the skill or experience level, there was not a single face on the hill that wasn’t beaming with stoke that can only be found from turning the wheels on a skateboard.

Jacsen throwing out a full cab after a clean and steezy heelside slide. Photo: Matt K.

OG subscriber to the slideways lifestyle Sean Graves showing the kids how to properly do it. Photo: Matt K.

Our DNA is composed of a genetic strand that when decoded is made up entirely of skateboard parts from every single discipline being practiced today. This is something we take a lot of pride in and only have more plans to get out and hang out with more skateboarders at the upcoming events that are scheduled to go down coming up! Come out to the following events and say whats up to the Bustin Crew as we hang out with the homies and focus on winning the “Having The Most Fun Award”.

May 27th:  Switchback Relay Presented by Cloudride Wheels

June 3rd: Crab Grab Slide Jam 

June 24: June Jam at Bowie Skate Park


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