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Concrete Kings 4 Life!!! presented by Bustin Longboards NYC.

written by TeamBustin April 1, 2011

Solomon here. First, I want to thank Brian Bishop for the title of this latest blog…much love! Also announcing a smooth opening of our new Longboard Loft in the LES(lower east side of Manhattan). There were snow flurries when I woke up and rain all day but we still had a steady flow and some of the Kings in throughout the day. Thanks for making today awesome! Tomorrow will be even better..58 degrees and dry…woot woot! It’s funny that I’m excited about that considering a week ago I was in Austin, TX  relaxing by Barton Springs under 88 degree sky…shirtless. Soon New York, soon.

Thanks to Crazy Cami and Ill Phil for this dope video!

That’s my crew, The Concrete Kings, they are awesome. We meet every Sunday at 1PM at Columbus Circle in Central Park. I ride for Bustin and I’ll be honest, you will probably always see me on one of our boards..I bleed Bustin. But there are a lot of sick rides out there and you’ll see a array of boards when the Kings roll through, that’s right, all are invited..the more the merrier. This last Sunday was our best Sunday Shred since the first blizzard hit right after the Christmas holiday. The weather was pleasant, for us anyway, it was probably somewhere in the low 50’s but quite a few of us were down to our t-shirts before we finished the 6 mile Central Park loop. Spirits were high and the crew was all about steeze that day with carving, sliding and dancing the name of the game. Sure, going fast is fun but there is little room for soul and its hard to keep a crew together at that fast of a pace. I’m still smiling from the euphoria experienced that day. Concrete Kings 4 life, we skate NYC all day!!

Oh yeah. Austin, TX I love you! Andrew Johnson, Sean Navarro, Rachel Mahinakauloa Kane Johnson, Risto Lawson and BK..I dig you like a shovel. And to August Navarro of Philly who shared SXSW(southbysouthwest) with us.. keep rockin’ that Bustin swag, you wear it well. Thanks for enjoying a beautiful *trip* with us guys. Keep Austin weird.

Stay Skatin’.


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