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Concrete Kings est 2009. Spreading the holiday love.

written by TeamBustin December 7, 2009

I know its been a while since my last blog but we have been super busy here at Bustin with the opening of our flagship store in Brooklyn. Working on getting everything running smoothly by our grand opening along with keeping up with holiday orders has me wondering if life exists outside Bustin! But I´m loving every minute of it. In my last blog I mentioned that Concrete Kings would be coming soon. I am greatly pleased to say that this group has now become New York City`s largest skate club, over 100 members! For the past few weeks we have been meeting at 2:00PM Sundays at the Columbus Square section of Central Park. I have dubbed this the Sunday Shred and every week am even more excited about the turnout. This past Sunday thirty skaters took over Fifth Avenue from Central Park down Union Square and across the Williamsburg Bridge to the new skate park in Williamsburg. The Bustin store was our final destination and will be every week. Sound like fun? What a rush! It`s amazing running these streets, controlling every lane, vehicles behind us and at the lights left with one option…wait! And what stoke we are spreading for NYC`s Push Culture! The love we get is electric..kids screaming, cops giving me high-fives and pictures constantly being snapped. We truly are the Concrete Kings. And this is only the beginning!

This in itself is amazing but the Concrete Kings are more than just a group of people getting together to skate. We understand the social platform we have been placed upon and we intend to use it. Our initiation skate was a ride through Manhattan to show support for ISAW, contact me for info on this NPO and thanks to these guys for allowing us to be a part of their endeavors. We`ve decided to keep that spirit going through the holidays by supporting a local Brooklyn battered women’s and children’s shelter. Now we ask for your help. It would help us greatly if you could stop by the BustinBrooklyn store with your canned goods to help out families in need for the holiday and beyond. Spread the word and let`s do what we can to help out! If you can`t make it I`m sure you will have no trouble finding a local shelter to support.

For more information on Concrete Kings and our holiday food drive contact me at kingsolomon@bustinboards.com.

Happy Holidays. Spread the Love….buy a longboard.
Solomon….Skate for fun!


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Suzanne December 8, 2009 at 12:28 am

What a great way to Spread the Stoke– a skate group that serves its community!

Supporting your cause from MI.

Much Love

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