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Concrete Kings “Push Profiles” presented by Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin November 29, 2010

Solomon here. I hope you all enjoyed your time with friends and family. I did. Thanks to my pop aka Bear for making this one of my favorite friends and family day. He originally informed me that he would be only bringing a few dishes but really brought enough to feed a sizable Bustin crew. I love you dude!!

November has become a very special month for me. It has been a year since the conception of the Concrete Kings and I never imagined we would accomplish so much in this short period. I wanted something that everyone regardless of skill or age felt comfortable participating in. We haven’t done everything right and we will continue to learn as we grow…but we have done lots of things right. Particularly when it comes to spreading “The Word of the Board”(thanks Tully)…aka stoke! I have lots of plans so that the club will be able to accommodate the increasing numbers and disciplines. Sometimes our riders just want to go fast..there’s nothing like weaving through traffic at an unrelenting full speed. Knowing that you are skating with the fastest of the fast and whether or not they are able to squeeze past this intersection, they will find a way to be back by your side in the next few blocks. Amazing. And sometimes it’s great to just cruise with a large group and takeover the streets. There is a definite safety in numbers and you really get to enjoy the reciprocated love from pedestrians and spectators. Amazing. I’m working on something so that everyone will be able to ride in a manner that brings out the most zen for them. But I digress.

First video of the Concrete Kings.

The Concrete Kings. Happy Anniversary. You guys have definitely made this a year to remember. Regardless of what has gone on around you you have remained positive and true to who you. Stay skatin’. This will be my first of many salutes to you. The first of many Concrete Kings’ “Push Profiles”. The first rider has been one of the most inspirational for me. If I may quote “The Jeff”..”If he ever ran away, he could definitely come stay with me.” unless you based it off his height you would never believe this guy was a young 14 years. His board knowledge is only matched by his work dedication and steezy style. And his school dedication and humor and…..You get it.

1. Name= First name: Steezy Last name: D But people just call me David for short
Hood=Sunnyside, Queens Origin- South Korea

2. I’ve been skating for about 6 months now. The first time I had ever seen a longboard was during the fall of 7th grade. While walking to school, some one whizzed right through a crowd of pedestrians on his board. My immediate reaction-That’s freaking awesome.

3. My disciplines: sliding, pushing, and freestyle.

4. Favorite current setup= bustin Maestro deck, randal 50 degree baseplates, black paris 180mm hangars, biltin bearings, venom 86a shr bushings, 1/8th inch risers to protect the board, and some purple otang 4 presidents.

5. My favorite shred spots include union square, central park, and the street right in front of the shop.

6. I try to ride my board everyday. I skate to school as long as it’s not snowing or raining. All day. Everyday.

7. The most random reaction that some one has had in response to my board would probably be,” Dude, that’s some big wood.”

8. Luckily I haven’t had any crazy gnarly crashes to date. Only scrapes and bruises.

9.Something random about me-I sleep on the left side of my body.

10. Favorite skate apparel- BUSTIN

11. “Don’t be an eager beaver.”-Adam Colton
“Sick gnar!”-Phillip Lemire

Concrete Kings. Spreading the Word of the Board.


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