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Crab Grab Slide Jam 2017 // Event Recap

written by Josh Dunn June 5, 2017

Words: Josh Dunn, Photos: Heather Hilse

This past Saturday played host to a community oriented event in Annapolis Maryland that had everyone present grabbin’ all the crabs they could possibly handle. The first of what promises be many Crab Grab Slide Jam’s went off on a radical road adjacent to a marina that could double as a zin garden. Skaters from all over the area, and even a dedicated crew from upstate New York, rallied up to come get slideways with us and compete to see who could activate their full blown “Grom Stoke” mode first.

Pre-jam safety meeting with some of the crew.

Andrew Laird caught slippin’ in the best kind of way.


In true Skate Everything fashion, the hill was outfitted with a flat bar and mini-kicker to enhance the thrills and intensify the spills. All those who came out were told from the beginning to leave their longest slides at home in exchange for an hour long jam filled with “contest categories” aimed strictly to challenge the status quo of what a slide jam should be. Whether you were looking to score a new set of Paris Trucks by getting Pitted in Paris by displaying the surfiest style or simply just trying to snag a new full face from Triple8 through straight Boolin’ for that Brainbucket there was a category for any and all skaters present.

Event host and member of Team Bustin Dan Fontz showing why this is his local spot.

Jon Roland on his way to winning the Skate Everything Challenge but not before he got properly blunted before hand.

This could be switch, there is just no good way of telling when it comes to Jack Ponga.

As the thane lines began to accumulate through the afternoon from all of the shenanigans, “winners” for each of the various challenges were selected and prizes from the supporting sponsors were distributed. Although not everyone was able to walk home with a new sled or set of shred slippers, stoke was dished out in heaping double portions to every skater, spectator, and even neighborhood residents. Skateboarding is not about who can hold out the longest stand up or who can do the coolest trick on the flat bar but rather is about a community of individuals coming together to celebrate each others individual artistic approach to riding.

Keeper of the Grom Stoke Joshtafari leanin’ on his friends at FiveO Wheel Department during this toeside slip.

Matt McCoy happily put in work all day despite not even getting to clock in to credit him for his time and efforts.

A HUGE thanks goes out to all the supporting brands and to all the community members that came out!


Sticking with the original Skate Everything vibe, the crew performed a mass exodus from the hill with a newly devised plan to regroup at Lansdowne Skate Park as a proverbial cherry on top of the already successful day.  Ditch walls were pumped, and snake runs were raced as we used skateboarding as our vehicle of escape from the mundane into the world where there are no rules and where no two runs are the same.

Team Bustin’s very own Jacsen Kutik took to surfing these concrete walls like he’s been doing it all along.

Go rogue and bring your own features to the skate park.


Event Sponsors:

Paris Truck Co

 Triple8 NYC

FiveO Wheel Department,

Event Organizers:

Dan Fontz, Joshtafari


Heather Hilse


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