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Custom Longboard Lead Time Is 9 Business Days – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Ryan May 15, 2012

Just a heads up to everyone planning to order a custom board… The current lead time for a custom longboard from Bustin Brooklyn is currently 9 BUSINESS DAYS.  We are heading into the busy spring and summer months, so don’t be surprised if it inches up over the next few weeks and months.  Our artists are working their hearts out in our Brooklyn shop, but good work takes time.  If you haven’t heard, we specially print all custom longboards by hand in our Brooklyn Labs.  Why? Glad you asked.

When we started Bustin Boards in 2001 our main goal was to make a better, more functional longboard. Our second goal was to offer a unique program giving riders the ability to influence the style of their deck. Longboarding is a sport of individual style and we think your board should reflect YOUR style. To this day, we still hand print and finish all of our custom decks at our Brooklyn shop. Our unique printing process allows us to print with paint directly to the wood, giving the board a true hand-crafted look. The board is then doubled sealed with an environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer and buffed to give the print a clean matte finish. If you’re used to the flat, digital prints on most skateboards, our custom hand-printed decks will blow your mind. As with any customization process, actual color shades can vary slightly due to monitor resolution and color calibration. Exercise your inner artist, visit the Build Custom page to design a board now.

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