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DANGER BAY 2010!!!

written by Mike April 9, 2010

Hey everybody!  Thanks for reading the Bustin Blog!  Maybe you accidentally stumbled upon this stupid blog and don’t really care.  HA, what jerks WE are to infect the world with silly rants about longboards, how they work and what they do.  Thank you for reading even this far, maybe because you thought you would learn something interesting from a guy who assembles longboards all day.  I do have something worthwhile to show you.  The video you just watched or maybe are about to watch is what entertains me.  The stuff I think about while I put longboards together happens in this video.  Sometimes I wonder if I am sick for always thinking about boards and wheels and trucks and bearings and grip and geometry and hardware and wood and fiberglass and carbon and bushings and urethane and all the awesome things that are LONGBOARDING.  But then, I wake up and realize that longboarding will never be the same, in any place or on any hill or within any city our beyond any civilization because longboarding is simple, reduced to the most common denominator.  Longboarding is universal and righteous in itself, able to adapt to any terrain and will forever evolve.  Thank you for making me put your longboards together all day because it provides me peace.  Thank you.

In return, I leave you with this.  The lifestyle I dream about all day, everyday since I began longboarding.  Micku Murgolo, Annah Rowe and I depart May 19 to Vancouver, British Columbia to visit and learn from the genuis minds that are Coast Longboarding at the 10th Annual “ATTACK OF DANGER BAY 10”.  Stay tuned for more…


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