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Deathbowl To Downtown

written by Rob Rodrigues November 10, 2016

The Evolution of Skateboarding in NYC

There was a point in time when every east coast kid that became good at skateboarding aspired to move to the west coast and pursue “California Dreaming”. Deathbowl to Downtown, an essential skateboarding documentary breaks down the shift that put New York City on the Skateboarding map.

Released back in 2008, it is time to reintroduce Deathbowl to the latest generation of ripping skaters. The history is rich and inspirational. It puts NY Skateboarding into a context that helps you understand how you arrived here.

A Must See!


“On one level Deathbowl to Downtown is about street skating, but it’s also an overview of skateboarding’s shift from the parks and pools of the 70s, to the ramp skating in the 80s, to the street ascendancy of the 1990s and beyond. An entertaining, thought provoking take on why the action on New York’s hectic streets represents skateboarding to millions of people worldwide.” – Written by Anonymous

Rent Deathbowl on Vimeo or invest in the DVD. Available at SHUT Skates – 158 Orchard st. NY, NY

Check out @bustinstreetcrew on InstaGram and Bustin’s Street Issues for our boards.



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