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Disturbing the Peace…..?

written by TeamBustin August 3, 2010

Solomon here. Two days of skating further than the shop and I feel great!(A little sore but my soul needed it). Shredded Broadway and the West Side path two nights ago with the RatRod Crew. Kept looking for sirens because we were killing it! Four of the sickest skaters bombing fast thru traffic, passing cars and breezing through pedestrians..don’t get mad, you’re safe and we’re already a block away. You are welcome for that adrenaline rush and for keeping you from making some completely irrational move.

Then there was an awesome session with the Concrete Kings yesterday. Met at the shop, bombed the Bridge, Union Square, Central Park, West Side…I hear it’s the best side, Uptown, down Broadway, through Times Square and back to Union Square. There was a group of longboarders in the back already and chilled with them while we worked on our slides. Wait….I haven’t told you about our run in with a couple of blueberries. We had just finished eating  somewhere in the low 80’s  and had just hit Columbus Circle. It was another one of those perfect points in life  where it was clearly apparent that you are sure you are supposed to be skating this very spot at  this very moment. The air was cool,the streets were alive and the lights were green…..damn I love skating!  So right before we hit the madness that is Times Square two cops decided we were having too much fun not causing trouble and jerked a couple people off their boards…..I know, WTF!  We went back to check on the crew and I used my phone to snap a couple pics. Cory’s shirt was torn from where the cop yanked him from his board and I couldn’t help from being upset…he could have seriously hurt him. Refer to N.W.A. for my thoughts on this. I got really close trying to take pictures of badge numbers which they then decided was a crime and tried grabbing me. Get real guys…I stay skatin. Long story short….two were given summons which I am 100% positive will get dropped and the other was released because he was a minor. All is well that ends well. We bombed the rest of Broadway to Union Square where we met another group of skaters and worked on slides while we waited from them to escape from the law and then the Kings took the Williamsburg Bridge back to the shop. What a day!

Thanks to Corey Medlar for commuting all the way from Ct to film and skate with the crew. Sorry the cops jerked you up.  And thanks to the rest of the Kings for helping rejuvenate me. I’ll leave you with a video of the Mini-Bomb edited by The Wiggler aka Jeff Vyain . Thanks to the RatRod Crew for the footage.

It was good to get back to pushing hard. I should have realized that’s why I was going crazy. Well I’m back and getting ready for the Broadway Bomb on October 15th.

Peace guys, And once again….I stay skatin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Cory August 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm

Its all good, HAD A BLAST, My biggest isses now is editing down all of the footage I did get, and also finding out a number of someone to get a hold of to talk about that summons LOL….SKATE HARD and whenever in doubt DONT STOP PUSHING!

Flex August 16, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Thanks for the post Solomon.
What Radiohead song is that on the soundtrack?

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