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Downhill Skaters are Insane!! -Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin October 17, 2011

Solomon here. Just back in from Soldiers of Downhill 2011 early this morning and back at the Longboard Loft on the grind. Our ride back was quicker than the ride there. Soy Gnarly, Dre Outlaw, Nick Coolhands, Tom Barnhart and Robertico Reyes..Good times on the road. Some of you wouldn’t be my first..or second…or third pick to drive but you all made the trip stellar! Thanks. The hill was the gnarliest run I have ever taken and the majority of riders ate some hay and pavement. I need to do some work on my pre drifting before I could think about being on the podium of this event. Everyone who tackled this hill is INSANE! My respect for the DH scene increases with each event and my need for speed grows with it. I’m so stoked for next years events! Speed or Cry! Here’s an edit from last year until we get a current final piece.

I also keep seeing awesome footage from the Broadway Bomb last week. Local skater/filmmaker Sergi Ferrer has my latest favorite and captured the race and NYC vibe expertely. Nice work!

More updates coming soon from my blog!! Solomon’s Blog!! Until then. Stay Skatin’!


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