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Dropping New S%#*T Like Every Day – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Ryan September 12, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone! We’re about to drop a back-to-school sale on Robots, but first I wanted to take a moment to mention some things that have dropped recently under the radar. We are busier than ever in the labs, developing new things and improving old things. We kind of get obsessed with research and development and design. So obsessed that we sometimes forget about our marketing and the importance of letting everyone know when the new stuff drops. You will understand this if your on our mailing list and have noticed that you haven’t gotten an email all summer. This summer has been ripe with lots of new ideas and lots of epic skating, but we’re going to make a comprehensive effort to keep all of our followers more in the loop. To start with, here are few brand new things to put you in the know…

1. One Week Robot Sale Starts Today! From now until midnight on Monday, September 19th, we’re giving out twenty dollar bills on Robot decks.  All Robot decks (including Carbons) have been marked down $20 and are ready to ship.  Big ups to everyone back on campus and hopefully this sale can help a few chaps get a fresh rig under their feet to make cruising to class a little more fun.  Learn more and build one up at the Robot Specs page.

2.  Bustin Abec7 & Abec9 Bearings Fly. Brand New Bustin Abec7 and Abec9 bearings have finally been released.  We’ve been working on these for the better part of the year and have finally honed in on two styles of bearings that fast, quiet and darn durable.  The Abec7 are significantly quicker and smoother than our previous stocked Abec7 option and the Abec9 are a brand new machine that will go toe-to-toe, mile-for-mile with any of the more expensive branded bearings on the market.  If you want a solid upgrade and don’t want to drop a weeks pay on bearings, the Bustin Abec9 is your performance option.  Read more by clicking through the Components page.

3.  New Ibach Limited Edition Graphics. Last week we rolled out new limited edition graphics for the 9ply & 10ply Ibach boards.  Since the launch, people have been asking us for updated graphics (it seems like the flourescent yellow was hit or miss for some, rightly so).  The new graphics give you a slightly more neutral option with fresh NYC steez.  Check them out on the Limited Edition Build page.

4.  Premier Formula Wheels. Since these wheels dropped earlier in the summer, people have been continuously raving about the urethane and the feel of these wheels.  Each durometer was designed to have its own feel and its own purpose.  Learn more on the Bustin Premier Formula Specs page.

5.  New Grab Bag Shirts. We did a special edition give-away shirt for the Adrenalina NYC Race and have since received about 4,000 emails from people begging us to hook them up with one.  Well, we aint got none ’cause we gave em’ all away.  Instead, we’ve created a rendition and decided to offer it as the new Grab-Bag shirt.  With the demand for this graphic we probably could have sold tons of these for $20, but we decided to offer it up as a Grab-Bag and keep the price at $10.  People have been loving the Grab-Bag Deal and we decided to keep it going to hook up the people who support our brand.


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Leopoldo Finol September 12, 2011 at 12:08 pm

why didn’t I wait for a month to get my robot !

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