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Dublin Longboard Crew & Irish DH Outlaw League -Words, Pearse D’Arcy

written by Mike February 24, 2015


Last year, The Dublin Longboard Crew in Ireland hosted their first ever Irish Downhill Skateboarding Outlaw League. After a few years of hosting Outlaws races, the mates finally decided to put their heads together and created an Outlaw League so us Irishmen (and gals) could get some race practice in before heading out to International events during the summer.


Irish lad Sean Mahoney (pictured above with the $$ symbols on his arse) stepped up to the plate and headed the organisation of our Irish league. Three of Irelands finest hills were chosen with the intention of racing each hill twice (unfortunately in Ireland, we are not blessed with as many race-able hills as we would like).


Tight racing, fast skating, a few hard few slams, a pinch of skater beef and plenty of laughs are the key ingredients for an Irish Outlaw – after all, this is skateboarding!  The Irish Outlaw League was all of those things, and will continue into the future.  We’re blessed to have an organic skate scene in Ireland!


2014 Irish Outlaw champions were crowned and everyone went home a better racer, with a smile on their face.  Seasoned Irish OG, Mark Moore, took home the highly contested bacon after second place finisher, “Yours Truly” missed a race and was then late for another.  Oops!  Good thing it was Outlaw, right?!  Cheers, Mark!


For 2015, “DLC Outlaw League” is back.  Bigger and Badder than ever.  New scouted hills, updated racing formats and good times await for the mates.

DLC Outlaw’s first race of the season is Saturday, March 14 on Huku Hill.  A mid-speed course with five corners and patch-quilt like pavement.

Bustin Boards Blog will publish exclusive coverage of the DLC race series.  Stay Tuned!!!  Thanks for reading now go shred!   -Pearse D’Arcy

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