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Each-1 Reach-1 donation program

written by Bubbles June 17, 2017

Got an extra set-up in your garage?  Let’s be honest, most people have a main board, their “bottom birch“, which they ride 95% of the time, how often do you REALLY use that extra set-up?  What about your first cruiser that you spent 2 months riding before upgrading?

If you’ve got some lightly-used, but still thrash-able skate gear that you no longer use, we’d LOVE to see it go to a good home.  That’s the goal behind our new Each-1 Reach-1 initiative.  Donate your old board to…

  • a buddy in need
  • a local charity (only if they actually want it!)
  • any skate related donation program
  • or send it to us to organize and donate to one of a number of skate charities

Then hit us up via the Each-1 Reach-1 page and tell us the story of your generosity!  In return, we’ll hook you up with a SOLID 30% off coupon!

We’re currently working with a number of charities and skate-related non-profit organizations to expand our scope of donations, so stay tuned to find out who our new partners are and how to keep giving back to the wonderful world of skateboarding!

Scope the page for more details!


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