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Falling in love with skateboarding-Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin January 16, 2012

Solomon here. I haven’t been posting much for a few months now. I’ve been enjoying life but been in a bit of a funk. The Winter came to NYC and I decided what I needed was a break from NYC. I love this city and I can’t honestly see myself living somewhere else for right now. That doesn’t mean I have to be in Brooklyn all the time. I’ve been getting away from the city for events but it’s usually in one week or shorter periods of time. What I’ve come to learn over the years is that you have to get away from this craziness and reset sometimes. It’s easy to forget that life can exist out of the city and one can get so deeply caught up in that relentless pace of being. So here I am in Florida relaxing in a town called Celebration which apparently is a town designed by Disney.

Celebration, FL

I figured I would take a short beak from this picture perfect town and give you an update. I’ll be back to NYC by February and will have a more detailed story. Until then this is what I’ve been up to. First stop Atlanta.

Slide Training

Then there was the Surf Expo in Orlando.

Do the Bustin Hustle

King of Claremont slide jam and downhill racing. Great event hosted by a very rad skater, Cameron Frazier of Rayne MF Longboards. The only video I’ve seen of the race and partly responsible for the title of this blog. The Bustin crew threw down and had a very string showing. Steven “Steezy” Sanchez won the slide jam and the Brazilian sensation, Jonas Richter had little competition for the longest slide. Jonas also won the juniors division of downhill racing and taking 5th overall in the open division. Our riders were 3 of the 6 that made it to the finals. Jose Guzman of Rayne took 1st. Jorge Garcia of BUSTIN took 2nd rounded off by Andrew Mercardo of Gullwing Trucks and Sector9. Cordelia Welch had a very impressive showing and took the title of Queen of Claremont. Congrats to Sarah Paulshock of BUSTIN for her strong showing and placing 2nd. Now for some skateboarding.

We are having an awesome time and this trip seems to be just what I needed. A hearty thank you to the Paulshocks for housing these 30-40 skaters over the weekend and putting up with the rowdiness and for putting up with our craziness. The skacation continues. Next stop Puerto Rico. Stay Skatin’


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