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February Bolts Challenge Breakdown Video

written by Josh Dunn February 2, 2018

Ask and you shall receive… and ask y’all did for some new and exciting ways to get out and Push More! Your request’s have lead us to revamping the Rep Program by adding new prizes for y’all to earn by getting out and completing some new challenges as well. To check out all of these new opportunities, visit the current weeks Push More Rep Newsletter in which they are all briefly introduced or check them out on the Rep Portal.

Today we are going to go into a little more depth on one of the aspects we are most amped to reintroduce which is the Bolts Challenge concept. Peep the short video below of Joshtafari breaking down how you can enter your self to receive a hefty Bolts Boost at the end of the month by simply getting out and Skating Everything! 


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