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First Anniversary, Bustin YoFace 32″

written by Rob Rodrigues March 12, 2014

 – A NYC Look at the YoFace 32″ One Year Later –

The 32 Yo is just barely a year old and it’s already been shredded in so many ways, here in New York and around the world.

This recent iPhone video shows how raw and nasty the 32 is for all kinds of tasks. Andy Millien and Jesse Whalen have vastly different skatings styles but both feel right at home riding the YoFace.

Eddie Air

Eddie Henriquez lofts some big air at Chelsea Piers skate park.


Illusion Flip. Dave Aparicio in Central Park.

“ The Yo32 is a killer board, It has crazy pop and awesome concave. It’s a great twist on the traditional skate deck” — Bustin Team Manager, Dave Aparicio weighs in. Dave is a well rounded and solid skater.

Will Royce

Will Royce, Williamsburg Plaza.


Andy Millien

Andy Millien, Pop Shuv-it on the first pressing. February 2013.

As the snow melts and things heat up. So will the NYC Bustin Crew. Look for ongoing coverage of our hometown team riders and all visiting Bustin skaters.


Rob Rodrigues




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