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Five-O Sniper Limited Tints

written by Josh Dunn November 25, 2016

Variety is the flavor of life and this time of year often involves indulging in a wide assortment of eatery’s and activities with family and loved ones. We got to thinking about this and honestly knew that we had to bring a new entree to the table this holiday season to share with the shred community out there who has helped make us thankful for so many things this past year. To accomplish this, we put on our aprons and grabbed our oven mitts as we got down and dirty in “Kitchen de Bustin” whipping up some tastey new treats for all y’all to enjoy. When the timer dinged its final chime signaling that our shred inspired casserole dish was complete, the resulting delicacy exceeded even our best expectations and we are beyond amping to present four new limited edition flavors of 70mm FiveO Snipers thane.

purp red

teal yellow

These new color ways are the gravy on top of the already delicious mashed potatoes that are our existing 70mm Sniper wheels as they deliver the same expected performance with a little extra flavor flare added in for good measure. We could not wait to throw a set of these bad boys on our personal set up and head for the hills to test them out which is exactly what we did Thanksgiving morning before heading back to the Bustin Skate House to feast. Lets just say that these limited edition Snipers are perhaps the best pre-meal appetite enhancement known to man as they granted us the freedom to fearlessly fight friction every time we went to kick them out slideways. The colored dye serves only to exponentially increase the “Steez Factor” of your whip while sacrificing nothing in the performance realm. Make sure you hurry up and snag a set of these bad boys for your self because just like Grandma’s pumpkin pie, this may be your only chance to get some while the gettin’ is good.



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