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Rider Spotlight: Carla G. Javier-Brea

written by Josh Dunn November 16, 2016

“familia lo es todo” is an expression that goes a long way for everyone blessed enough to be considered part of the large and globally extending #BustinFam. We have riders located throughout every majorly inhabited continent on earth who each contribute something different and bring their own mix on skateboarding to the table. Each of these personalities, on and off their board, are unique and will begin to be explored in this new segment called Rider Spotlight.  For our first installment we will get into the head of Carla G. Javier-Brea, who is a student, an artist, and a skater whose talents and passions are evident in everything she does.


Photo: Mia Rincon

-How long have you been skating and how long have you been a part of the Bustin Fam?
Uhhh I believe I have been skating since late 2012, or something of the sort. I’ve been skating for Bustin since 2013. I’m terrible at keeping track of dates hehe
-What inspired you to pick up a skateboard?
At first I wanted to surf. Even though I lived in the Dominican Republic, an island, for most of my life, getting to good beaches required a car a gas. Gas is ridiculously expensive in the DR, which was already limiting. Looking for something somewhat similar to surfing but a little more accessible, I picked up a longboard. Never looked back!
-Who would you say is your greatest inspiration when it comes to skating?
For me, there’s a lot of value in the good times you share with the people you love in skating. I think that just getting to travel and experience good roads, new places, challenging yourself to get better, and making things work with what you got while sharing it with friends is all I need.


Photo: Aaron Smith

-I know that you heavily involved in the art scene, how did this passion come about?
I can’t really pin-point where this “art passion” came from. My family has quite a number of artists on both sides, so I guess I was just exposed to creativity and aesthetics ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been keeping sketchbooks since grade school, and I honestly didn’t think I would find myself where I am now. Art is therapeutic for me and it serves as a tool for self discovery and analyzing and questioning the world around you. At the moment, I’m pursuing a Masters Of Fine Arts in Print Making.
-You are originally from The DR, how did you end up in Portland??
I was born in California, but both my parents are from the Dominican Republic. My dad was a professional athlete in the US, so for most of my life I traveled back and forth from the DR to the US. Once he retired, we settled permanently in the Dominican Republic. I finished school and graduated college and decided to move back to the West Coast. I still consider the Dominican Republic my home, it’s just extremely difficult to make a living there. I try to visit as often as I can (:

Photo: Mia Rincon

-This was a pretty rad year for you as far as traveling to skate is concerned. Tell us a little about where skating took you this year and some van life experiences that went down along the way.
Oh yeah, this summer was definitely amazing. Skating definitely takes you places, and those places this summer were the Bustin Out To Giants Head Tour; started in Long Beach, Ca and drove all the way up to Summerland, BC and the Bustin Euro Tour: driving around Europe, skating with communities and seeing all sorts of amazing things. It’s hard for me to cope with the Van Life, because I know that I’ll have a great time with everyone but that I’ll eventually have to say “see you later” at the end. There are so many life experiences you pick up it’s pretty hard to narrow down to one worth talking about. Getting to often find yourself in new places, waking up to gorgeous scenery, sharing good moments, or simply having the opportunity of taking in a starry night sky while in good company, it just comes down to finding pleasure in the simple things in life.


-What would you personally say is the best feeling found within skateboarding? (Hitting pool coping, blasting standies, etc.)
I can find that best-great feeling in almost everything: be it taking advantage of a carve for a cross step, feeling your board react to your movements, the wind against your visor, and yes, blasting some big standies. If you’re having fun, you’re definitely doing it right.
-What current Bustin sled to you have set up?
I find myself between the Bustin Shrike paired up with Bear Kodiaks and Five-O 64mm 80a wheels and the Daenseu on Bear 852’s and Five-O 64mm 80a wheels as well. From time to time, depending on the crowd I’m with, I’ll pick up one of the 8.0 street decks.

Photo: Bandy

-What does Skate Everything mean to you? 
Being able to enjoy everything! From a cruise, to a downhill run, to a park, you name it. Just keeping an open mind and allowing yourself to make the best with what you’ve got in the moment. 

Photo: Mia Rincon


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