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Freestyle Sessions Venezuela – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Rob Rodrigues August 27, 2011

Last month Bustin Team Rider Micku Murgolo put together Freestyle Sessions in Venezuela. This is her third year hosting the event, it keeps growing and was sanctioned this year. Checkout Micku’s writeup, the photos on Facebook and the video below.

Freestyle Sessions Facebook Page

Freestyle Sessions Photos

I am stoked to announce the great success of Freestyle Sessions III. Let me just start by congratulating every single rider that was part of this rad event because each one of them showed a great level of performance and style!

As you all heard of Freestyle sessions is an annual event, that takes place in Venezuela. This year we decided to try a new hill in a different state ( San diego,Carabobo) the course was smooth and long. 2011 was crucial for FSIII because we decided to take the event to the next level.Wwe partnered with local brands as well as the town’s sport association (IAMDESANDI) to make the event legit and complete! During the entire event we counted with the support of the local police which helped on the closure of the hill and parking organization, also the assistance of an ambulance and local neighbors.

Hits started around 11:30 am. Each competitor had two rounds to show and prove their sliding and freestyle skills to the four judges : Jairo, La Negra, Perucho  and Jo Frank.  They were judging on style, speed and trick/slide.  Both Open and women divisions were filled with tricks and talent from all over the country!

I want to give shout outs to everybody that somehow got involved with FSSIII, special thanks to our main sponsors Bustin Boards and Movimiento Ilicito, all the supporting companies : Rompiente, Uncle Funkys, Ritual Tattoo, Rasta dogs, Full Design, Nagast, Enjoy, Brutal, AK-47. The town: Alcaldia de San Diego & IAMDESANDI. All our friends and locals, last but not least FSSIII organizing committee Armando Acosta And Myself (micku) !

See you @ the hill next year for some shredding ! I Can’t wait for FSSIV and Want to invite you to join our community and be part of our next event!

Here are the official results for FSSIII: congratulations peple!

Womens division:

  1. place: Natasha Vlm
  2. place: Anto Vlm
  3. Place: Karla Meier
  4. Place: Roraima Longboarding
  5. Palce: Rubienys Cabrera

OPEN division
1 place: Ramon de Gregorio
2 place: Alberto mora
3 place: Payo Blanco
4 place: Juan Cova
5 place: victor gonzales
6 place: Cristian Martinez
7 place: Alexander
8 place: nanox
9 Place: Pedro Luis
10 place: Santy


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