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Give Blood – Host an Longboard Event

written by Mike April 18, 2011

Give Blood – Host a Longboard Event!

Longboard stoke is reaching across America, inspiring skaters to get more involved with skate events.  Michigan has been on the longboard map since 2000 and is full steam ahead.  To skate with fellow mitten shredders is an honor.  In the wake of the skatepark fad of the 90’s to present – skateboarders are learning the potential of new skateboard shapes for different concrete – the open road.  Skate events hosted by local amateur skaters are the fuel behind the craze.

Michigan skateboarding has a history much like the rest of the skateboarding world, inspired by concrete waves, pools, hills, church parking lots and your parent’s driveway.  The skate wave that is flooding the nation has roots in every city, state and will not fade soon.

Go Green Longboarding is a collective of Michigan native skateboarders who share a passion for the growth of the sport. Born in 2000, the club has hosted more than a dozen events across the state of Michigan exposing new styles of skateboarding to small communities. Go Green Longboarding hosts events in small communities to grow the sport from the base of involvement.

Skateboarding is a household name and the future depends on involvement from all skill levels. the majority of Michigan longboarders have spawned from the general love of skateboaing and the recent rise of local longboard clubs is a testament to the interest Michigan rider have in Longboarding.  A few Michigan longboard clubs to check out:  Go Green Longboarding, Rat Rod – Grand Rapids, Mitten Skate Media, MILF Crew – U.P., Bees Knees Skathletics, West Michigan Longboard Club, MSU Longboard Club, Cosmic Skate Club.

The demand for longboard gear is at large – longboard brands collaborate with local clubs across the nation to penetrate new communities and inspire new skaters to get involved. Community awareness is the groundwork for the success of longboarding and to create a sustainable market.  Bustin is a full supporter of longboard events across the world and encourages skate clubs to raise awareness for the sport – host a local event, we will help promote.

You supply it – we’ll advertise it.


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Jerm April 19, 2011 at 12:14 am

We’re working on our next big event for the end of summer, I have a feeling this one is going to be something really special if it goes according to plan! Can’t wait to share the details

Alex April 21, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Go Green Longboarding would like to thank Bustin for their continued support of our cause and events. Much love!

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