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Graphic Mash-up: Maestro Pro & Maestro Mini

written by Josh Dunn November 27, 2016

All weekend long we have been posting pictures on our FB and Insta of our very Limited Edition Graphic Mash-up boards that were inspired by the desire to combine artistic elements of our past with the new board technology from our current line up. Earlier we introduced the limited run of Sportsters featuring our retro “Space Skull” graphic and now we are stoked to take a closer look at both the Maestro Pro and Maestro Mini build outs that we are offering!



Both of these Maestro variations is meant for serious city mobbing, campus crushing, or any other shred missions that involve covering ground quickly. Fully functional nose and tails make these machines manual friendly as well as opens up the realm of trickery possibilities. The Maestro Pro is borrowing an old graffiti inspired graphic from a Maestro of years past on top of a Camouflage Artist Finish giving this board an outdoorsy vibe that only further encourages shred-ventures. The Maestro Mini is rocking the ever popular “Fly By Night” graphic atop a set of the limited edition Purple Five-O Sniper shred slippers giving the rider colorful confidence as they slash drive ways, side walks, and their local roadways.



Don’t sleep on your chance to own a one of a kind piece of Bustin history because when this weekend is over, so is the opportunity to snag up one of these bad boys!


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