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GRO Skaters Take the Streets of New York City in Halloween Skate-tacular

written by Bubbles November 1, 2016


Photo story captured by Lanna Apisukh




Over thirty female skaters took to the streets of New York City in celebration of Halloween and skateboarding. The street parade hosted by Girls Riders Organization (GRO (https://girlsriders.org/) ), invited females of all ages and abilities to join the fun and skate in costume through the Lower East Side and across the Williamsburg bridge into Brooklyn. The parade ended in Williamsburg’s bike pump park, where the girls got to take over the ramps for a few hours.


“We’re super stoked to have local organizations like GRO put on awesome events like this in the city. It’s inspiring and I hope these events empower more females to get involved and come skate,” said Lanna Apisukh, GRO skater and photographer.

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