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Grom Patrol: Checking in with Curren

written by Josh Dunn March 14, 2017

If you follow us like you should be doing on Insta or Facebook then you have seen some images and videos showing our resident vert dog Curren Atterbury putting in straight work on transition’s best described as “Advanced”. We love this kids absolute willingness to charge anything all in the name of a good time and a smile. I recently had the chance to lurk with Curren at one of his local favorites, Drakeland, a 12 foot back yard vert ramp in Eastern North Cackalack. What follows is a visual recap of our man dialing in his skills before he embarks southward for a couple of the stops on the Florida Vert Series!

Dude’s back side airs are getting crisp as you can hear the “clack-clack” of him blasting off the coping during lift off.

While his classmates are still eating lunch ables, Curren’s diet has shifted to a strict pool coping diet for its clear health benefits.

Frothing and Fearless, just the way we like our groms here at Bustin!

He may not be old enough to remember the actual tape cassettes on his deck but he certainly knows the right way to get them jammin’!

A huge thanks goes out to Brian Drake for letting us come lurk at his ramp!


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