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Grom Patrol: Curren Atterbury

written by Josh Dunn December 20, 2016

When I first met Curren a few years ago at a local skate park I instantly knew this dude was the real deal as I watched him charge burly transition sections that even I would think twice before hitting. His skills on a skateboard speak for them selves but once you get the chance to know him, you discover that not only does he absolutely rip but he is a genuinely good kid just looking to use skating as a tool for his own personal expression. Curren quickly has solidified him self in his home town back yard DIY scene in which he is a very active and accepted member with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Bustin is very excited to have this Grom as part of our Family and we look forward to showing off more from this talented transition killer as he continues to progress with us.

Name:  Curren

Age:  10

Home Town:  Wilmington, NC

Years Skating:  3 years

What originally got you into skateboarding?  I lost interest in popular sports (football, soccer, etc.) and told my parents all I wanted to do was skateboard.

Who is/are your favorite skateboarder(s)?  Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Curren Caples, Ben Rayborn, Jaws, Brian Drake, Todd Johnson, Wyatt Wisenbaker, Collin Graham

We hear you recently got a “mini-ramp” in your backyard.  Tell us a little about your personal training facility:  The ramp is 24 feet wide, 9 feet high (no vert), 12 gauge metal surface, Federal Stone pool coping on one side with metal coping on the other. Architect:  Chad Troutman.  

How did you convince your parents to put a ramp in your backyard? Luckily I really didn’t have to convince them.  They are both cool with it and many skate friends helped build it! Massive thanks to Chad Troutman and Randy Rose!

The Sunset Park of the Road just went off in your hometown.  For those who do not know, explain to us a little about this gathering as well as how it was to actually get to skate it:  This is a super fun event where teams work together to earn points by completing certain “challenges”.  The event travels to three locations to skate in the Sunset Park neighborhood.  The session was SO fun and I am honored to have the opportunity to skate with such a great group of people.  

What is your favorite pre or post skate sesh snack?  No real pre snacks, but ice cream is always a nice treat when I get it. 

-If you could only skate one place for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?  Charleston, South Carolina’s new Team Pain skate park.  It offers a crazy long snake run, a street course, a small bowl and (best of all), a big bowl.  All with buttery, smooth concrete. 

What does “Skate Everything” mean to you? It means skate all aspects of a park.  Skate every surface and terrain.  Respect all skaters no matter what type of board they have under their feet.  Skating should be for fun and always share the stoke! 


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