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Grom Patrol: Jacsen Kutik

written by Josh Dunn May 26, 2017

A couple weekends back, the Bustinmobile was loaded with a few team riders who proceeded to send it despite knowing the slide jam was going to be soggy in Ithaca NY. The crew from HQ had a rendez-vous with the youngest member of #TeamBustin, Jacsen Kutik, at the hill and began prepping him for his first ever slide jam experience. Jacsen has already proven him self ten fold at the skate park but has recently expressed an interest in joining the Speedboarder ranks.

Many new skills which were learned on the spot instantly were put to the test last weekend as Jacsen came out the The D.C. Skate Day and proceeded to send it with two hands down slides combo’ed straight into some of his previously dialed technical flip tricks. This was only his second time ever skating downhill but his solid foundation of board skills translated perfectly into this newly discovered discipline and the results speak for them selves. Be on the look out for this young, up and coming ripper who doesn’t buy into hype or fads but rather chooses to just get rad on whatever skateboard stands up to the bill of his heavy shredding.


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