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Halloween Costume RIP

written by Mike October 20, 2009

Click here for Costume RIP route

Saturday, October 31st is Halloween and we want to show NYC whats we’re about.  Longboarders get a lot of attention so we’re going to dress as funky, scary, funny, bright as possible and skate in a big group.  Broadway Bomb champ Mark Schaperow is hosting the event.  He wants everyone to tell everyone so we can have the best ride ever.  Share the link above with anyone who rides a board or a bike because this event is as inclusive as possible  New York City is the craziest place on Halloween and this year we’re going to make it crazier.  Share costume ideas on the comment section of this post and maybe you’ll influence someone to make an amazing costume.  We will post weather reports on the blog next week and suggestions on what warm layers to wear.  This is a 20 mile loop around lower Manhattan and just the tip of Brooklyn.  Join us at 11:30am @ Union Square for the casual/fun parade skate.  No pressure to finish the ride, but I assume you will not want to miss out on the fun after a few miles.  See you there!!!


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travisdsupervilan October 21, 2009 at 5:22 am

what did ya do mike? get smashed drunk and pick that route?
waaawaaawaaaa i wanna ride, i cant wait to get home…..to skate with my boys!!!!!!!!!

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