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Halloween Steez – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles October 12, 2011

All Hallow’s Eve is coming up and we have some hauntingly cool events coming up for you!… I can’t believe they made me say that… Anyways, whether you’re in Chicago and feel like pushing, or Charlotte, or Chesapeake!

First up, on Sunday the 30th, we have our Push Culture brethren out in Chicago throwing down for the Big Scary Push race. Run 4 laps around Humboldt Park (see below) and finish the 8.8 mile course for some awesome swag. I know of a certain 9-ply Downhill / Push board that will be up fro grabs!

If you’re further south, in the North Carolina area, meet up with Phil Skaar who’s worked very hard to put together the assortment of sponsors and stocked riders involved with their Charlotte Halloween Skate.  Click the pic and hit attend to let Phil know you’ll be there shredding with the other 40+ riders they expect!

Not enough you say?  More you say?  Last but certainly not least we’ve got the Chesapeake Halloween Costume skate, so get your dress-up kit and show up in true good form!  From the mouth of Mr. Watson, organizer, “One spooky after-Halloween skate jam to keep the holiday ongoing! Come dressed up in your most creative, yet skate-able, costume and be ready to shred!”  Come in costume and prepare to win something.  Are their prizes?  Well he gathered 20 sponsors so you tell me.  See you there!


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