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Happy New Year!

written by TeamBustin January 2, 2014

Hey Amigos!
2013 was a blast! From every one at Bustin Boards we would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and thank you for your continued support! In 2013 we tweaked our whole line-up and we’ve been working to make sure the good keeps rollin in 2014 ! We recently launched a fully customizable and totally Organic line of clothing for both Guys and Gals! No one likes to be itchy so consider going organic the next time you shop for a T-Shirt or Hoodie! Not only did we rethink our apparel, we rethought our whole board line-up. I can’t leak out too much information just yet, but keep your eyes and ears open because in the next couple of months we are going to overwhelm you with more innovative, technical, and all around more bad ass boards than ever before! Stay Tuned…


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