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Harbor Shrike Featuring William Royce

written by Josh Dunn February 10, 2017

Versatility is one of the keys to truly Skating Everything which is one reason our dude William Royce heavily relies upon his Bustin Shrike when looking to get situationally shreddy. This symmetrical, non-traditional double kick allows you to perfectly blur the line between what normally is done in the streets with whats possible when creativity is injected into the equation.  We recently brought Bill to Baltimore and unleashed him on the surrounding harbor and all the features it contains. We armed Will with a fresh Bamboo-X Shrike featuring some beefed up plies to achieve the strength properties he needed while keeping the board lively underneath his feet. The skating results speak for them selves as does the perma-smile that can be found plastered across Will’s face as proof that this board simply yields fun and encourages creativity for anyone piloting this craft.


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