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Help Us Populate the Forum

written by Ryan May 8, 2009

Today we launched a new version of the site and put behind us months of designing and development.  We are now looking forward and trying to build out the content and start creating a community.  We got all the bugs worked out of the Forum, but decided to hold off on pushing it live until we can get some content kick-started.

Now the pitch.  All you Blog heads and RSS addicts, I’m talking to you.  You are the life of this brand and we need you to get on the Forum and speak your minds.  Give suggestion, ask questions, even criticize us if thats what you want.  We really want to culture an environment that will be informative, interesting, entertaining and inspiring.  We are offering more options than ever on our site and your opinions are the most realistic way to help people decide on what is what.

The Forum link is not live, so you’ll need to go to it direct (see below).  You’ll also need to create an account to post.  It is super easy and takes two seconds to do.

Visit the forum page here – http://www.bustinbored.com/index.php?option=com_agora&Itemid=54

Thanks everyone!  Peace


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