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Henry Muller : All Grown Up

written by TeamBustin March 27, 2014

Henry “Chomper” Muller Is one of Bustin’s rising stars, He won the junior II championship in South Africa and is a regular on the podium. Recently Henry had a birthday and had to start competing in the Open Class. I wanted to ask him a couple questions about his experience.

chomper no helmet James MacArthur photo

Dave: “So Henry, Faircape is a pretty awesome event, what was it like in general?” Henry: “Saturday was a blast. Perfect weather, blue sky, and a pumping tailwind later in the day. We started off with a couple free runs then headed straight into time trials. The introduction of the speed gun really made time trials interesting as we could see who was hitting terminal velocity on the drop,  it also allowed for spectators to become more involved as speeds and times were posted on a board at Carnage Corner.”

chomper leads matthew ferris photo


Dave :”So I heard you killed it in the time trials”

Henry: “At the end of the day I was stoked to have bagged top time down the hill. Being my first time competing in open it came as a surprise, but very stoked to say the least.”

comper second nature photo2


Dave : “Did you feel like the entire event was well run? “

Henry: “Race day was really epic, similar conditions to Saturday with the added fun of 6 man heats. Again a few free runs then racing began. Heats between Junior and Open were run at the same time, which added to the smoothness of the event and its time efficiency.”

Henry Pack faircape


Dave: “6 man heats are always fun. You’ve been in the Downhill scene in South Africa for a couple years now… has the talent level progressed?”

Henry: “Heats in Open were tight and faaast and I’m positive in saying some of the highest quality skating I’ve seen in our country thus far.”

henry pack cape

Dave: “Who was in the Final Heat?”

Henry: “Finals was a close contest, each rider was able to take the win;  Decio Lorencio, Big man Jason Brown(102+- KG), Stephen Hayes, Murray Chandler, Troy O’Sullivan, and myself.”

Dave: “How did it turn out?”

Chomp Stephan Hayes Faircape Second Nature Photo

Henry: “First down the hill was J.Brown, followed by Decio and myself respectively. Podium finnish in race 1 is a total Bonus and I’m frothing for the season ahead! “

Dave: “That’s an awesome start to your first season racing with the big boys, congratulations! We’re all rooting for you here at bustin!”


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