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Hiring an Accountant and a Designer to Join the Bustin Family

written by Ryan June 19, 2013
Sloppy beards encouraged

Sloppy beards encouraged

Whats up people.  We’re reaching out to our community directly in hopes of finding some ultra-qualified, ultra-motivated candidates for a few positions we have here at Bustin.  Both of these positions will be working directly with Ryan and our management staff on the most uber-important, uber-rad parts of the business so we’re looking for a rock star from both ends of the spectrum, the organizational and the creative.  We’re in the process of recruiting via the typical job posting websites and newspaper ads, but wanted to take a stab at reaching out directly to our community in hopes of finding someone who is not only qualified for the job, but passionate about the industry.

Position 1:  Senior Sk’Accountant.  To help with the left brain parts of the business, we’re seeking a highly-qualified accountant who understands the challenges of a growing business and who has significant experience with Quickbooks accounting software.  As the company’s chief bean counter, you would work mainly at our new distribution center in Hagerstown, Maryland so if your not from that area, relocating would be the first job requirement.  You’ll spend most of your time at the MD facility but can expect plenty of travel and interaction with the operations and management at our NYC headquarters and stores.  We’re looking for the cool personality to join our team BUT YOU HAVE TO BE QUALIFIED for this position because accounting aint no joke.  If you fit the bill for the official job requirements listed below and are interested in joining a funky, growing company that makes skateboards, please email your cover letter and resume directly to our founder, Ryan Daughtridge, at work@bustinboards.com.

Official Job Listing As Seen On Boring Job Search Websites:  A growing company with retail and wholesale business components seeks a financial professional to assist in organizing and staffing accounting/finance department.  The new position will report directly to ownership and have a significant role in shaping the financial structure of the company going forward.

Responsibilities would include:
·         Reconciliation of accounts monthly
·         Maintenance of inter-company journal entries
·         Preparation and consolidation of monthly statements for multiple companies
·         Basic daily accounting tasks: data entry, bill pay, invoicing, reconciling credit card batches, etc.
·         Employee payroll and benefits management
·         Monthly sales tax filings
·         Assisting in managing companies insurance policies
·         Inventory management and reconciliations for multiple locations
·         Coordination with external accounting firm quarterly or as needed
·         Instituting controls and best practices to create efficiencies in a growing business
·         Hiring and managing additional accounting staff as deemed necessary
·         Problem solving and providing financial guidance to owners

Required Skills and Qualifications
·         Bachelor’s degree with Accounting/Finance focus
·         5+ years relevant work experience
·         Knowledge of US GAAP
·         Manufacturing, wholesale or retail experience (preferred)
·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office products.
·         Familiarity with Quickbooks program (preferred)
·         Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
·         Ability to communicate clearly with management while both taking direction and offering fresh ideas and perspectives.

This is an exciting new position with a dynamic, growing company with plenty of opportunity for further growth.  The perfect candidate must be self-disciplined but also open-minded and willing to bring new ideas to the table to help us make our business even more efficient and productive for the future!


Position 2:  Well Rounded Sk’Artist and Illustrator.  If you like Bustin, hopefully that means you like the art on our boards, our website and our marketing.  We take a lot of pride in this which is why Ryan, our founder, still handles most of the design and marketing creative himself.  As we forge ahead, we’re looking for one or two creative and well trained individuals who can work with Ryan and the Bustin Team to create unique and progressive art for our boards and our web/print marketing materials.  This job would be based in NYC, but could be flexible for the right person who lives elsewhere and would be willing to work remotely full-time, part-time or on a freelance basis.  The key requirement here is obviously having exceptional artistic talent and taste, but you must also be fully versed in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  To qualify folks for this one, we’re getting a little more interactive.  In addition to sending your portfolio, we’d like interested candidates to do a little design project so that you can show us how your style would work with ours.  Here is what we’re looking for:

1.  Board Design – We’ve uploaded an Illustrator template for our new 2013 Ratmobile board and want to see what you can come up with for the design.  Download the template here – http://media.bustinboards.com/transfer/Ratmobile_Template.zip.  We’ll be looking for (1) creative, original artwork (2) layed out in a way that includes proper branding and board specs and (3) properly uses negative space and/or projects an overall design theme in keeping with the board shape.  Applicants are welcome to design up to the three versions to send along with their portfolio.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 10.19.22 AM

2.  Ad Design – Below are the specs for a Concrete Wave Magazine ad.  Design a full-page ad with bleed that includes (1) an action shot of your choice, (2) proper Bustin branding using logo below and (3) an announcement about a new board or wheel with a clever heading and 1-3 lines of copy describing its features.  As with the board design project, feel free to design up to three variations to send with your portfolio.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 10.33.10 AM


When your ready to submit, please compress and send a download link to “work@bustinboards.com”  (Please no HUGE attachments… if you know what your doing, then you’ll know that already 🙂

Thanks to everyone for supporting Bustin over the years and we’re stoked to be expanding the family.  Please feel free to blast this out to friends and family who you think may be interested and we’ll begin reaching out to applicants as soon as qualified resumes and portfolios start floating in.





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