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Insanity Boardshop in San Antonio, Texas is Bustin’s Shop of the Week

written by Mike June 10, 2015

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Insanity Boardshop was started in 2011 while Ehren Mohammadi was studying Business Plans at UTSA. In 2012 after graduation Ehren opened up the store near the airport in the middle of town. We have been thriving and getting new customers since then. Insanity had not grown as much as hoped, then a new location became available 3 miles from UTSA and Ehren decided to move on it. There will be a small transition time period but he hopes to have the new location open in August.

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Insanity Boardshop’s new address!   

6565 Babcock Rd. Suite #2

San Antonio, TX, 78249

Ehren started his LDP lifestyle in college as a way to get to class efficiently. He had a chance to go to Broadway Bomb in 2011, afterward he started hosting small LDP races in Texas to bring some fun events to the community. The Broadway Bomb in San Antonio (now called Broadway Push Race) has been going on for 4 consecutive years. Ehren wants to transfer it over to a trail by the new shop to make it a better LDP race experience like some of the races he has been to around the country.

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Ehren is a Bustin Rider & has attended: Broadway Bomb 2011, 2012, Blue Sky Mile Challenge 2012, Ultra Skate 2013, 2014, 2015. Adrenalina Marathon 2014, NoBull Bayou Battle 1 and 2, Push in the Woods 2014, Arlington Push race 2013, 2014, Concord Push race 2015, and Chief of Ladiga 2013, 2014 and 2015. Dutch Ultra Skate will be his next event in June.  Ehren is currently ranked 4th on IDSA points system for 2015.

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Check out the San Antonia Broadway Bomb next time it goes down!!!! This is an old poster, but the event WILL BE BAAAAACK!!!  word.  Follow http://blog.bustinboards.com/ for the crucial updates!  www.bustinboards.com

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