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Inside Deals – Factory Store Sale thru 3/15

written by TeamBustin March 1, 2018


In the heart of the beast, you’ll find our speakeasy-style factory store featuring lots of rare, artist-choice boards, prototypes and samples.  It is a full-service skateboard shop inside of our 8,000 square foot production and distribution facility.  Some people come for the products, some for the conversation and some just come to skate the ramps.  Eitherway, we’re here and we’re stoked to open it up to our global friends for this special Factory Store Event.

Unlike in years past, the 2018 lineup is COMPLETELY new.  All of the new boards are redesigned and rebuilt with new molds, new shapes and new construction techniques.  Soon those new boards will line the walls of our store just as they line the pages of our new website, but BEFORE THAT we need to make some room.  To help clear up some space, we’re opening dropping some prices and opening up the doors to our friends around the world.

If you see something you like, grab it before someone else does.  The factory sale will last until 3/15, but the inventory won’t.  See whats available >>


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