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It’s been awhile…

written by TeamBustin June 1, 2009

but I am back in the writing saddle and ready to show you that Bustin hasnt been slacking; just cranking out boards at a record pace and satisfying hoards of customers daily!!

What’s new in Bustinland? Good question. The answer is a lot of things. First let me address the Sojourn. Dont think that we have forgotten about you Sojourn lovers out there. We are diligently working on the flex layup at this moment. We have perfected its new shape with multiple truck positioning in both the front and rear, new wheel wells and a sick functional tail. If you havent seen Luis Domingo on our old style Sojourn yet, check him out in the last post. This kid’s a wiz and will be helping us get the flex just right for all you trick boarders looking to get into longboarding and for all you longboarders looking to drop crazy flips. I promise that this is the thing I think about most in my life besides awesome french toast, the X Games this summer and girls. (not necessarily in that order, ha) Look for more updates, more often. I should receive our next set of protos this week, cross your fingers.

Shop renovation is amazing. We were stuck for along time in a shop that was slowly becoming obsolete due to the massive volume we were getting. Now, with NIck graduating from Stevens (buy this man a beer when you see him next, he deserves it!), we are demolishing, sawing, measuring and rebuilding the shop v2.0. These improvements are making every aspect of our production run more smoothly and I am truly thankful. We are now capable of pumping out massive quantities of boards daily, holding more inventory, having more dance parties and offering more to the people that matter, you people!!

what else? Oh, Ryan comes back from the West Coast office for a couple months so we can plan and execute our global takeover. I hope you are ready for the other changes that I didnt get to mention. Expect great things. I know a lot of people say this, but do they really mean it? We are a group of those people that will make waves and thrash concrete ones! Or i might be delirious from lack of sleep. BUSTIN!


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Ricardo June 5, 2009 at 8:45 pm

I’m really excited for the Sojourn v.2! I hope it comes out soon! (like July! heh) I’m planning to score a new board by then.

Ricardo June 5, 2009 at 8:46 pm

I’m really excited for the Sojourn v.2! I hope it comes out soon! (like July! heh) I’m planning to score a new board by then!

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