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Jersey Jumpoff recap

written by Mike August 2, 2009

Longboarders know city streets are tame during the night. Jersey Jumpoff founder/coordinator Adam Dabonka knows this as well as his belief that if you promote the ride will go on! 35+ longboarders gathered in New York City at Port Authority (42nd &8th Ave) to take a bus to North Bergen, NJ. Along the Jersey Cliffside overlooking the Hudson River and NYC, stoked skaters listened to a safety speech by AD before we set off into the night.
The group represented all boroughs of NYC and local New Jersey towns. Riders traveled as far as Pennsylvania, Canada, Florida, Michigan and Connecticut (advise me if I missed anyone!) to throw down at the notorious Jumpoff. Dabonka has been hosting the event to showcase his favorite hills along the Husdon River, conveniently finishing in Hoboken, a few blocks away from the Bustin Boards warehouse. This was the most respectful group of riders I have skated with. All very supportive of every rider at the event and everyone shared style.
The greatest potential for longboarding is be when style is text book, until then we must continue to innovate. The Jersey Jumpoff has been an outlet for style for four years and grows every year. Common discussion was about the need for more Jumpoff’s. Currently there is a daylight and moonlight Jumpoff. Dabonka recommends that longboarders discover new territory that we can learn. Every group skate needs a leader, step up to the challenge.
We represent many cities and towns, each possessing unique pavement…and beyond! I recently read about skating on the Salt Flats of South America. It reminds me of the beaches of north Florida that allow vehicles on the beach. The compacted sand is fun to skate and beachgoers love to watch. When my friends would visit me in Florida I would take them there every time. It is so strange to skate between people lounging on the beach and the ocean.
Michigan longboarding is known for parking garages. Skaters choose garages like surfers choose secret spots. The sport is still too young for riders to be territorial which is good. Security guards and police are cracking down making our sessions more spontaneous and fun. Long live garage riding! We had a great garage sesh at the end of the Jumpoff. View my profile, http://www.bustinbored.com/ for photos from the event and rider feedback.

-Mike Dallas


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