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Jersey Jumpoff, Saturday Aug. 1st *midnight*

written by Mike July 29, 2009

Hello everyone. The Jersey Jumpoff is back with the annual Summer Madness event.  Without self imploding the event with explicit details…. I’m just including the following.

*SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st – meet up at MIDNIGHT at the usual spot near the port authority.


We will be skating through the same towns, and some of the same hills. Basically nothing is changing except for the meetup at the White Castle which was a huge mistake on my part, because its a well known cop lure, and I should have realized that last time. The Jersey rendezvous point is TBD.

What to expect.

-team relay race around the pond like last year.
-rad hills.
-this is a free-ride so don’t bother asking what board to bring.
-we will probably attract some police activity, so be aware everyone is responsible for their own actions. (i’m sure you can read in between the lines here).
-be prepared to skate all night.
-this is rain or shine, because thats how we do it, so stop looking at the weather report.
-having fun is what its all about, so bring a happy attitude or stay home watching SNL.
-AND finally we will end the night with a HUGE garage bomb race for $money$ in a town TBD. (remember last year).

*This is the only Jersey Jumpoff event of this year. You’ve heard about it and everyone has mentioned how much fun they have despite some drawbacks. So please come out and be apart this group longboard event. Meet some people and blah blah blah…

The event ends at Sunrise. You have been listening to WWAD sleep deprivation radio.

stay chill/stay up/




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