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NYC Street Report – Jesse Whalen – Creating In Style

written by Rob Rodrigues February 17, 2015


Jesse continues to impress. Layering on new details and complexity to his bag of tricks. Check his latest video, just released today.

Published on Feb 17, 2015

Jesse Whalen takes a break from his English studies at Rutgers University and skates across the George Washington Bridge. NYC becomes a playground for his Freestyle antics. Jesse is known for rocking super technical freestyle skating on the Bustin YoFace 32” with 64mm Five-0 wheels. He may be the only one out there doing such specialized skating on a #SkateEverything deck.

Other skaters are often puzzled by the effortless steeze of Jesse’s flip tricks. His Five-O wheels make connecting the dots super easy too. Skating from spot to spot is smooth with the 85a thane. Moving seamlessly through the streets is critical for survival in the city. It’s also a blast.

Rider: Jesse Whalen
Setup: YoFace 32, 64mm 85a Five-Os
Film: Tim Brock
Song: “Photosynthesis (Instrumental) by Dr. Quandary


Peep this link to see, Quarter Life Collective, a video collaboration between four young professional freestyle skateboarders; Jesse Whalen, Sean Burke, Mike Osterman, and Connor Burke. More sick skating with Jesse and his friends.

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