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Jonas Richter Wins the Britannia Classic Juniors Division

written by Rob Rodrigues May 30, 2012


Congratulations to the Brazilian Wiz Kid Jonas Richter.

Jonas took first place in the Juniors division at the Britannia Classic Downhill Race this past weekend. Jonas was using a Bustin Rat Mobile on the course. The Rat Mobile is in the late prototype stages at the Creative Lab, we are stoked to see this kid test it out on a world class proving ground.

Jonas’ next stops on his North American tour are, Mt. washington Downhill (Canada) next weekend, Vernon Downhill (Canada) June 9th & 10th, Central Park Race (NYC) June 16th, Windham Downhill (New York) June 23rd & 24th and finally, the Maryhill Festival of Speed (Washington State).

Muito Obrigado Jonas!


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Tiani June 3, 2012 at 4:12 am

hey bustin,
i was wondering how i could get a sponsored?
im 12 years old also i am a girl longboarder and i skateboard to and i have been trying to find longboarding groups to join but all of them don’t want girl longboarders if you have any idea a crew i could get involved in that would be great!

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