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Just another Thursday? – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles October 4, 2012

Big yawn, big stretch, what’s on the agenda today?  Hmmm, some coffee, a nice early skate, bacon egg cheese avocado chipotle awesome, oh, thats right and a WHOLE LOT OF WICKED EXCITING BUSTIN NEWS!

1) New Board – BAM!  Just like that.  Thought we were done for the year with the Boombox and EQ, then the Yoface, then the Sportster, then the Ratmobile?  Think again.  New this morning is the Mekanik..

ooooooooo… pretty.  The Mekanik is the little brother to the Ratmobile (yes, Ratman’s little brother is a Mekanik, they like utility belts).  Coming in at 35″ with a 22.25″ to 26″ adjustable wheelbase, the Mekanik is the board de’jour for smaller DH riders, or crushing your local parking garage.

2) Robot V2.  Come again?  Robot V2.  We’ve taken the tried and true Robot board, one of our most successful designs, and given it a make-over.  Increased concave on the rails for extra sliding lock, a touch of symmetrical rocker for extra stability, all wrapped up underneath a SEXY new graphic from Prefab77 designs.  Check it OUT!

3) And just because we didn’t want to get ANY sleep last night, we decided to revamp the website with a new, easy to navigate design.  We’ve classified our boards into families for ease of selection, and tidied up the store front page a bit.  Check it out and read up on our boards if you’ve got a minute!

P.S. Free US shipping on Limited Edition decks and buy-now completes?!

Cheers and Enjoy the Ride!



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Louisa October 4, 2012 at 12:50 pm

new board very nice, very pretty. not quite getting the new graphic on the ROBOT. not so apprealing to us ladies.

Rafi October 5, 2012 at 6:03 pm

The Mekanic has that good classy & plain look. I might grab the Robot 41 V2 with another design. Not diggin that one. Good work with the classification~ it’ll be handy for selections.

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