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Bustin Camber Series: Kick-Push-Glide

written by TeamBustin January 31, 2014


Everyone knows that feeling.

The sun at your back, a board under your feet, and smooth pavement for miles. You can literally kick, push, and glide any worries away. Regardless of if you’re at the beach, in the city, or hitting the local parking lot with the rest of the crew, there’s something undeniably fun about a cruiser. Our Mission 40, Cigar 38, and Cigar 31 were designed with that in mind.

Simplicity is key:
Not everyone needs a double-drop deck with W and steep cave. Whether you’re just starting out, or going for a leisurely skate with some friends, the last thing you want is a race-stiff topmount deck for cruising. The Camber series flexes to provide an ergonomic push and more forward momentum. This flex will also help absorb the vibration from rough pavement, cracks, gravel, and anything else you might roll over. We also decided to keep these decks straightforward, the slight concave is comfortable for hours, no matter where your feet are planted.

Longboarding has become such a diverse community over the past few years, with many disciplines coming into maturity and prominence. However, the intrinsic theme is simple: have fun. That’s what these boards are all about (by strickland). And no matter what, we skate because we all love to kick, push, and glide. You’ll definitely catch me on my Mission 40 skating to lunch!



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