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Ladies and Gentleman, we give you “The Strike”

written by Ryan November 13, 2008

Bustin Boards Strike

Today we launch the Strike board after nearly a year of what seemed like a continual cycle of dreaming, drawing, cutting, sanding, riding, head-scratching, cutting, sanding, re-drawing, head-scratching and debating with the crew and the team about how to make this board PERFECT.  Despite the inevitable stress involved in research and development, the whole process was amazing and today epitomizes why we do this.  This board is really like a child to us and has been raised by the whole family here at Bustin Boards.  From the boys in the shop debating the width of the nose to the team on the streets testing the prototypes and logging their feedback, this board has been critiqued by some of the most creative minds around.  Now the final product has received the dope stamp from everyone on the list and its a very good feeling to see the final product finally hitting the streets.  On behalf of all those who helped us develop this board, I proudly introduce the Bustin Strike.  To learn more about the model, please visit www.bustinboards.com.

Enjoy, Ryan


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Chris November 14, 2008 at 5:35 pm

I’m in Love! Whats the maximum size wheels that will fit the board? w/ 180 Trucks

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