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written by TeamBustin August 2, 2009

After the Freestyle Moto X final, we collected ourselves, showered and made the charge to go out in Venice beach.  Daniel and Amy had some friends that were nice enough to invite us through their space along with an entire Element Skateboards van full of AAS crew/ athletes.   Before leaving the hotel, we notice a partygoer passed out on the bench in the smoking section which happens to be the entrance to the hotel.  Dead to the world, we checked for a pulse, we gave him a beer, put a cigarette in his hand, took some photos for posterity and rolled on to begin our night.

Venice is a crazy place, quaint but very SoCal vibe at the same time.  Park down the block and walk up this cool little street with stucco, modern, and everything in-between kind of homes.  Tall, thin palm trees lined the road and reached towards the sky.  We pulled in to their friend’s  house and immediately are blown away by a 15 foot projection screen playing “Skinned Alive”, a skate and tattoo film.  Christmas tree lights line the tin roof porch, wide open yard with pillows in the grass to watch the big screen, an open loft styled skate oriented house that reminds me of what our Bustin Loft could be like with a SoCal swagger.

Hanging with friends, killing some Blue Ribbon and talking everything under the stars.  Crazy broads with tattooed arms and a dog that was something straight out of Star Wars lore, a chewbacca-ewok-esque dog with an underbite that goes bazerk when you put your face near it.  I feared that a lip or a nostril could have been injured, but I endured for the sake of this blog.  Chewy’s mom, Nick who is the tattooed typical Venice surfer chick who smokes and drinks too much, was out of control talking about her pack of dogs and singing a song about a squirrel to the acoustic pleasures of a strummed guitar.

The night is getting late so we cruise back to the van and head towards the hotel.  On the way, Nick makes an observation that Christian of Driggs Bros Productions, looks vaguely familiar but we cant place it.  Maybe a TV series in the 90’s with a woman known as CJ Parker….what was that show?  Yup, BAYWATCH!  we Break out in a 10 person chorus of the theme song from the series and he is loving it!

Still crushing cans of red label Bud and blue ribbon of the Pabst variety, we get a little crazy and decide to roam the hotel.  What you dont know about this hotel, unless you have researched it, is that this modern chic black rectangled establishment has a themed room on each floor.  For example, there is a park styled room on the 2nd floor.  There is a cow style room on 7, an art room equipped with easels on the 12th and a bazaar on the 4th.  The bazaar consists of 5 vending machines filled with all sorts of interesting items like false gold teeth, purses, socks, a japanese back massager, gold leggins, handcuffs and everything in between.  This year was rather disappointing as several of the vending machines were empty.

Sad but not deterred, we opened the elevator to find “wizard staffs” (for every beer you drink, you have to duct tape it to the next and stack them until you cant drink anymore).  I have never seen this game before but my interest is piqued.  We find room 401 where the wizard sticks started and find a room crammed full of excited 20 somethings.  They have something to show us and everyone gets nervous.  They ask for the biggest person in our crew, and I happened to be it.  Fearful of a jail style love session or getting bashed and my wallet stolen, I sat nervously on a chair while they talked us through a magic trick.  4 people put their fingers out in a gun shape and try to lift me under knee and arm pits.  No dice.  I am 197ish of pure muscly goodness so I laugh as our crew looks on for the finale.  They put hands over my head one by one and then one by one take them away.  Gun fingers in place, lots of yelling that Christian says you can hear on the 3rd floor (awesome), and they lift me nearly overhead.  INSANE.  Black magic runs through ths hotel and I am freaked out.  4 more times with others lifting me and I am impressed.  Even tiny Amy and Michelle get involved and lift me.  Everyone is convinced that the devil is lurking in the room and we quickly bolt.

Part ways in the elevator and we roll back down to the entrance.  Nick notices the entrance to HopScotch, the bar hotel (ill describe this later) is open.  We slink passed the cameras and see the pool.  Nick prods me that I wont jump in and before he can fully get this out of his mouth, Christian is already declothing to take the plunge.  Clothes off, not completely we kept this PG, and CANNONBALL!  Back to our clothes and walk through the lobby passed the concierge all while dripping, giggling like school girls and slipping our way to the elevator.  Laugh our butts off to the third floor and prep for bed.  Too bad we didnt have a video camera for this evening.

Rally car today and one more night with the Adaptive crew.  Things could get nuts tonight so check in later for an update.


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