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Layne’s Lunch Line

written by Josh Dunn December 14, 2016

Welcome back to the latest installation of Layne’s Lunch Line featuring our “Warehouse Wizard” and head hauncho Layne Moffet getting after it on his allotted lunch hour. Its been a minute since our last update but we promise, LAYNE HAS IN FACT BEEN EATING albeit in between his pursuits of hitting up as many lunch lines as possible in the surrounding city sprawl atop his skateboard.  Yesterday the camera was broken out to capture Layne munch on his lunch before getting a little yam session in around HQ to help his pudding go down smooth. Peep the quick clip and then make sure to grab your board and get after your own missions in whatever spare time you can muster up between your day to day hustle!

DISCLAIMER: Layne is a professional Lunch Liner but skating right after eating without waiting can be dangerous and result in adverse side affects.




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