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Layne’s Lunch Line, Team Rider Spotlight: Tyten Washington

written by Layne Moffett February 14, 2017
Team Rider Spotlight: Tyten Washington

Bustin Street Team rider Tyten Washington came down to the warehouse this weekend for a little shred session. After a couple brief warm up runs, he was ready to slay the dragon that is the ever evolving “Bustin Warehouse Park”.

I sat down with Tyten after the Sunday sesh for a short interview. Here’s what he had to say:

Q. Whats your name, age and where are you from?

A. Tyten Washington, I’m 18 years old from Bowie Maryland.

Q. How long have you been skating?

A. Been skating for 7 years. I got into it around 11 years old.

Q. What inspired you to first pick up skateboarding?

A. Some Johnny Tsunami Disney Movie made me want to get a board.

Q. Who do you look up to/ favorite skater?

A. Anyone I’ve taken advice from or kids I came up around skating I look up to. I have a long list of my favorite skaters, but Omar Salazar is at the top of my list.

Q. Blunt slide or Lip slide?

A.  Rail or ledge? Lol

Q. Street or park?

A. A low key indoor park.

Q. What Bustin Board are you currently riding?

A. Always a Bustin 8.5 street deck!

Q. Favorite skate video or part?

A. Emerica Made Ch. 2 is great! Also Grant Taylor’s Welcome to Anti Hero is one of my favorite parts.

Q. What does SKATE EVERYTHING mean to you?

A. To take advantage of all terrain, and to have fun on a board any way possible!



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