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Layne’s Lunch Line

written by Josh Dunn November 9, 2016

Here at Bustin we are a “For skaters, by skaters” brand which we feel is best accomplished by having a staff of actual individuals who know their way around a skateboard. Everyone here at HQ, from our owner to our artists, can be seen at any given moment wiggling around on either one of our established shapes or on something that Bubble’s currently has cooking in the kettle. Perhaps the hungriest member of the Bustin Crew has proven to be our warehouse supervisor Layne Moffett, who more often than not is ricing up on whatever Bubs has crafted. This endless appetite for skateboarding gave birth to our newest weekly column, Layne’s Lunch Line, in which our man Layne will show that when patience is slow baked with a healthy dose of commitment,  meals with high levels of Gnar-tritional value often times are the results.


Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as Layne will be spending his lunch break hitting up any and every buffet line in the area to keep his excessive appetite for skating in check. Until then, enjoy this loop of Layne refusing to comply while staying dry during his most recent meal time session at the Bustin cafeteria.


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