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Lets Do This

written by Ryan February 13, 2009

So David and I arrived in Park City last night after a chill, 3-day drive across country and I’m up early, stoked about hitting the mountain today.  It has been snowing here heavy all week and, according to the locals, the conditions couldnt be better.  Based on that information, I feel like a little kid on the morning before leaving for vacation.  I know I should get more sleep, but the anticipation of shredding the giant natural wonder combined with my internal right-coast clock leaves wide awake before the sun has even risen here.  Thus its coffeeblog time.

The drive across was like a gift.  The weather the entire way, from the suburbs of Chicago to the mountains of Wyoming, was like spring.  I have a truckers tan to prove it.  I’m not sure why or how mother nature shown such favor on us, but it made the trip even more memorable.

Now to my point.  I spent a lot of time reading online and listening to npr while driving across and the obvious topic of choice was the stimulus package.  While I’m not sure of every detail, it appears that we are very close to settling on a plan (somewhere just shy of 800 B) and I hope we do it soon so that we can get this effort started.  Yes, this decision is a large one and all sides make good points.  But d#%$, we have to get moving in order to get this country and our economy back together.  

As we drove across the country, I was amazed at the progress already being made.  Farms and landscapes covered with giant windmills, literally towering over old and abandoned oil pumps.  Hybrid cars and SUVs with normal families in them, not just balding computer programmers from California.  Trains loaded two cars high gliding like olympic speedskaters across the horizon.  It really brought home for me the fact that this is not just a dream or some plan way down the road.  This is happening, and this plan to advance our society into the 21st century is ready to roll.  

The survival of all creatures and societies has always hinged on their ability to adapt to change.  Right now, it is my sincere belief that we are faced with a profound opportunity to take this challenge by the reins and make it happen.  Lets stop fighting about small decisions and band together to make this plan work.

With that, the crew here is finally up and its time to head out to tango with mother nature.  Wish everyone could be here with us, we’ll shred hard for you!


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swpuente February 16, 2009 at 1:01 am

did you hit the U of U campus. the easiest ride in SLC.

mike d February 17, 2009 at 6:09 pm

you paved the way for an insane skate adventure across America, drawing more attention to alternative energy and our nation’s future. thanks.

Jackie February 26, 2009 at 12:21 pm

way to paint a picture for us. thanks for the descrip and sturdy insight, as always. stimulus bill passed, and i’m still the sucker rooting for some bipartisanship.

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